Kite surfing – on the South Coast

13 Feb

Not exactly a work organised trip.  It was my partner’s birthday and I thought I’d suprise him with a romantic weekend away.  As we’re both quite active I decided on some beginners kite surfing lessons on the South coast in Camber Sands which is about an hour away from south London.

Our cool holiday let

Our cool holiday let

I’d rented a nice cottage only a few minutes walk away from the beach in Camber Sands which was on a delightfully quiet development called whitesands.  Camber Sands itself is a small village with not much in itof note other than a nice restaurant called Gallivants. Only a short drive or 40 minute walk through fields is the town of Rye which is full of cobbled streets, nice pubs and lovely independent shops.

If you’ve not heard of kite surfing before it involves being pulled along the sea on a surf board by an incredibly large kite.  We booked a six hour session which cost £99.00 each, this included all the equipment required.  The first few hours were spent learning how to control the kite with a very patient instructor.  The main aim is to make sure you don’t end up getting pulled out the channel towards france!  I have to admit this took me considerably longer to master than I thought but we got their in the end.


We then move onto how to kite surf, thankfully the instruction included how to perform a ‘self resue’  By the end of the day we were both well and truly zonked as well as incredibly wet.  To be profficent I think you need quite a few more lessions than we had but it would be well worth it if I lived closer to the coast and could pop down on in the summer evenings.


This makes a great birthday treat for kids, boyfriends or a group activity.  it is reliant on the wind blowing in the correct direction and the tides being out.  For more information on kite surfing in Camber Sands try these guys.


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