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Childrens Activities – LegoLand in Windsor

12 Feb legoland windsor

This is my second visit to legoland as I took a group of children at the start of 2011.  In fact two enjoyed it so much they decided to come again.  Unfortunately I think they’ve now a little to old as they didn’t enjoy it as much second time round.  With this in mind it’s probably suited to those under the age of 10.

Based on the outskirts of London in Windsor it’s a large park that seems to be constantly changing, with new rides and areas being added.  It’s advisable to take a car to this venue as their is ample parking available on site.  I recommend arriving as early as possible as you’ll struggle to fit everything into one day.  Queues for the rides tend to get busiest after 11.30 but it’s not just about the roller coasters and water riders, there’s so much more to see and do including a miniature village which is my personal favourite and lots of space to sit down and enjoy a picnic.

kids days out

kids days out at legoland

As always, in these sorts of places food can be expensive so I would recommend taking a pack lunch if there’s a large group of you visiting.






Prices for legoland in Windsor are as follows:

 1 Day Tickets

Adult Standard

Adult Online


Child/OAP Standard

Child/OAP Online

Under 3



10% off




It’s always worth keeping your eyes open online for special offers and discount codes before booking.  Ifyou’re going to legoland in a group of seven or more you can qualify for discounted rates with the prices shown below:


 Group Prices Advance Book Only

Groups 7+ Adult

Groups 7+ Child

How To Book

Groups 10+ Adult

Groups 10+ Child

Under 3



Advance Book Online